Flores and Sumba for you—the two most exotic islands, which have interested many travelers, are within the scope of our special custom-made programs.


It is well known for Kelimutu the three bright colored crater lakes, and Komodo “Jurassic” National Park and tiny islands which offer exquisite deserted beaches and world’s top diving. But, the Island of Flower is yet blessed with so much more—rugged landscape,
volcanoes, spectacular land vistas and sea views, barren and grey hills and undulating mountains with green forests and farmlands.

Begin your holiday trip from either Maumere or Ende. Both are attractively good points to make beautiful overland journey through Bajawa, Ruteng and Labuanbajo until traversing to Komodo National Park. Such tour program will allow you to fully enjoy the exotic interior Flores.


Compared to Flores, Sumba is not as rugged as its neighboring island in the north and mostly comprised of savannahs. It is classic in its own right where hundreds of traditional villages seem to be untouched by the sophistication of modern civilization. Despite Christianity still considerably many Sumbanese are of avid observant of indigenous belief system named Marapu. It’s not an isolated island but Sumba has ably preserved its culture and traditions of centuries back. Thus, the whole island is like a living museum that has astonished both Indonesian and international tourists.

There is not a single volcano found on Sumba. No wonder then if it offers few white powdered sand beaches. One of beach resorts of the island has been once rated as the best in Asia.
You can start your visit to Sumba from Tambolaka in the northwest and drive through Waikabubak and Waingapu.

In both Flores and Sumba we arrange excursions to attractive tourist spots, traditional villages and unusual cultural events that will provide you with exceptional sights and experience. So, hesitate not to let us know your custom-made program and itineraries, or simply have us design exploratory adventure tours on your behalf. The programs we offer are ranging from minimum 3 days to 15 days combining the two islands.

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