Flying two hours north of Bali will bring you to step on the island of Flores. Its exotic beauty had captured the eyes of Portugues sailors who then christened the snake-shaped island into Cabo da Flores. The expression of admiration in colonial time, dating back to 16th century, now becomes the name of the island. Cabo da Flores, or Cape of Flowers, is Flores Island.


In world of tourism or holiday destination Flores is reputed for its two highlights. First, Kelimutu National Park which confines majestic piece of nature featured with three colored crater lakes. The lakes occasionally change their colors, and have bedazzled thousands of visitors and attracted many of them to revisit. Second, Komodo National Park, homes to giant lizard that has lured away more and more holiday makers around the globe with the acknowledgement as New7Wonders.

But, beside these two highlights, Flores has more attractiveness to offer. Beautiful bays equipped with tiny islands and deserted beaches are so inviting to laze in the sun and relax for swimming and snorkeling. Mountainous and hilly of rugged landscape are entertaining to your eyes, and each time the morning breaks the sounds of “birdsong-concerts” are spoiling your ears. For the avid volcano freak, Flores is the heaven, for there are eight volcanoes which make the island the most volcanic one in Indonesia.


Indeed, Mother Nature blesses Flores with amazing beauty, a gift for those who have the privilege to travel beyond Bali and Lombok.

It is not the nature alone to cater you with unique experience of traveling. Florians, people of Flores are loveable for they are genuinely friendly, hospitable receiving community that ready to share their time-wise culture and way of living. Truly, their cultural richness is worth seeing and enjoying.


When you plan to spend an exploratory holiday in Indonesia, think and consider Flores as one of top places to be included.

Source : Flores Tour And Travel

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