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billionphotos-919388_64x64Working in tourism since 1989 has really nourished us with experience and lessons-learnt. Yet, Time Divine blesses us to bring about a tour company that serves fellow humankind with the touch of love and compassion. Thus, the advent of Bakti Adventures & Tours is meant to be so. Call it Bakti Tours for simple though. Yes, the being of the company is all about bakti—love devotion to holiday makers coming and enjoying the beauty of treasure trove Mother Nature grants Flores and Sumba islands.

We are here to help make your holiday worth spending both time and money. We know the territories well, and the service is always the priority with us. When you have decided to visit these islands east of Bali and Lombok, then make Bakti Tours short listed Indonesian tour operators before choosing one at last. Do kindly take note of us that we differ from others in principles of running the tour programs for our esteemed clients.

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Luar Biasa
Norma Harsono

Indah sekali,

Luar biasa.... ngga nyangka.

Pelayanan juga bagus dan memuaskan

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Highly Recommend
Mark Heighes

I have been using Domingus for all our overland trips in Flores over the last 10 years. He has an intimate knowledge and understanding of the people , culture and destinations throughout the island.  He speaks

fluent French ,English  and also 3 of the local languages used in Flores. He has been a pleasure to work with being extremely reliable and honest . All our guests have found him to be a 1st class operator who

defiantly knows his stuff.  I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an educational adventure travelling overland in Flores.


~ Sri Satya Sai Baba